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Bill O'Reilly took on the staggering violence that's occurring daily in Chicago, calling for a state of emergency to be declared in some impoverished neighborhoods. 

O'Reilly pointed out that homicides in the city are up 70% from last year and non-fatal shootings have increased 87%, with the overwhelming majority of the victims being African-Americans. 

He questioned what the reaction would look like if this amount of violence was occurring in an affluent neighborhood in New York or Los Angeles.

"Would the authorities not solve the problem? We all know the answer to that question. Thus, the only conclusion that we can arrive at is that racism is in play," he said. 

The Factor host said that Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) and Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) haven't done "anything effective to stop the carnage" while things get worse each day. 

"The poor people living in the free-fire zones are as threatened as anyone living in Afghanistan," said O'Reilly, calling for the deployment of the National Guard and for more police foot patrols.

He also called for severe penalties and longer prison sentences for the "gun-wielding thugs" perpetrating these crimes. 

And he concluded by calling for the citizens of Chicago to organize protests and demand action. 

"Don't count on Black Lives Matter or Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or even President Obama. They haven't shown up. They don't seem to care."

Watch the Talking Points Memo above, along with reaction from Kirsten Powers.

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