Judge Jeanine Pirro disputed the idea that House Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump hold equal power within the Republican Party. 

Following yesterday's highly-publicized sit-down between the two men in D.C., Ryan did not commit to supporting Trump.

For his part, Trump told Sean Hannity it was a great meeting and that he doesn't mind a "slow process" in unifying the party. 

The Justice host questioned who made Paul Ryan the leader of the GOP. 

"Paul Ryan wasn't elected to be anything more than a congressman. So because of the position he holds, which is such a powerful position, Paul is thinking he's on a level with Donald Trump. But make no mistake, Donald Trump, is the leader of the party right now," said Pirro on Outnumbered.

Eboni Williams made a similar point, saying "this is Donald Trump's party right now."

Pirro said that Ryan is losing some power in D.C. and "knows that he's on shaky ground" as Trump moves forward as the presumptive nominee.

Watch the discussion above and don't miss Justice with Judge Jeanine, Saturday at 9:00pm ET as Judge Pirro talks to Ben Carson.

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