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The fire department of Nevada's most populous county is asking the public to stop calling 911 for "stubbed toes and sore throats."

Clark County Fire Chief Greg Cassell said at a press conference that the department responded to a record number of calls this year -- 3.5% more than last year, so far.

But many of the emergency calls they've gotten have been inappropriate. So, they're creating new public service announcements about when to call 911.

Cassell also said they get too many calls about pet emergencies.

"People will name their pets and they’re very passionate about their pets, but they will call up and say, ‘Somebody’s not breathing,’” he said at a press conference. “We think it’s a human being, we get there and it’s their dog.”

He said that when people need help in a non-emergency situation, they should call 311.

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