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PBS talk show host Charlie Rose shared a hearty laugh with President Obama's speechwriters about an oft-repeated talking point the president used to pitch Obamacare which turned out not to be true.

Speechwriter Jon Lovett was telling Rose that he was most proud of the serious speeches he worked on -- "health care, economic speeches."

That led fellow speechwriter Jon Favreau to interject that Lovett wrote the line about "If you like your insurance, you can keep it."

Lovett then shot back, "How dare you," causing the roundtable to erupt in a fit of laughter.

“And you know what? It’s still true! No,” he then said.

PolitiFact called Obama's assurance that people could keep their health plan the "Lie of the Year" of 2013, as millions of people received cancelation notices and were forced to change plans.

"It's unbelievably egregious that they could sit there and laugh about something that was so important," Eric Bolling said today on The Five. "They laughed like they knew all along that it was all a lie, and now the joke's on us."

Watch the segment above.

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