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When a Florida police chief was called out for blocking a sidewalk with his improperly parked SUV, he responded by doing the only fair thing: writing himself a ticket!

Facebook user David Bires posted images of what he alleged to be Groveland Police Department Police Chief Melvin Tennyson's vehicle blocking a sidewalk outside city hall.

Bires pointed out that the department regularly issues tickets to citizens for blocking the sidewalk.

The Groveland Police Department soon responded with a Facebook post of their own.

"In response to a previous social media post about the chief of police parking on a sidewalk, let it be known he was made aware of the violation and he issued himself a parking ticket," the post read. "Chief Tennyson has since paid for the violation. Attached is a copy of the receipt and the chief's response and email to the City Manager and City Council."

Tennyson wrote in an accompanying statement that he was running late for a meeting and thought he had parked far enough off the sidewalk.

When he was informed that he wasn't, he voluntarily paid the $45 parking violation fee.

He explained that he cannot hold anyone accountable if he doesn't hold himself accountable.

"I have always said it starts at the top," Tennyson wrote.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" report above.

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