Trump & Ryan on D.C. Meeting: 'A Very Positive Step Toward Unification'

Gutfeld: Stewart Is Right About Trump for the Wrong Reason

Following Donald Trump's unity meeting with Paul Ryan today, Charles Krauthammer said he was "not among the many who thought that it smoothed over the divide."

Ryan said following the meeting, "This is our first meeting, I was very encouraged with this meeting, but this is a process. It takes some time, you don't put it together in 45 minutes."

Krauthammer said, "Whenever you talk about a 'process,' what you mean is 'We did not conclude peace.' We had a peace process in the Middle East for 50 years. The reason you have it is to give the appearance that something is happening, but you know there's never going to be an endpoint."

He went onto to call their relationship a "sham marriage," because Ryan is a committed conservative and Trump is not.

"Trump has made clear he's not a conservative, he's a nationalist populist. There are a lot of arguments in favor of that, but it isn't conservatism, as he himself stressed when he said that the Republican Party is not called the 'Conservative Party.'"

Watch the commentary above.

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