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Former Vice President Dan Quayle is throwing his support behind Donald Trump and believes that soon House Speaker Paul Ryan will do the same. 

Quayle talked to Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network following the big meeting between Ryan and Trump in Washington. 

Ryan spoke to reporters after the meeting, calling it "very encouraging," but did not say anything about supporting Trump.

Quayle said he believes Ryan is "clearly moving in that direction" and will endorse Trump at some point before the convention.

He doubted that Ryan would refuse to support Trump if the Republican caucus in the House overwhelmingly backs the nominee.

Quayle, a former Indiana senator who served as VP under George H.W. Bush, believes that voters will see a "different" Donald Trump in the general election campaign. 

"Donald Trump is a winner. He knows how to win. ... Don't count him out," he said, noting that Trump proved everyone wrong by winning the nomination before the convention.

Watch the full interview. 

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