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A new film called "AMERIGEDDON" envisions the aftermath of an attack on the United States power grid. 

Director Mike Norris, the son of Chuck Norris, and writer-producer Gary Heavin talked about the project on Fox and Friends this morning, explaining why they believe all Americans must prepare for this type of situation. 

The political thriller depicts an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack in which the nation's power grid is brought down. In the aftermath, the government declares martial law and citizens' rights are stripped away. 

Heavin said he believes the movie can make a difference in people's lives. He pointed out that two congressional committees have determined that an EMP attack is a top threat. 

"We wanted to wake people up and demand that our government do something to protect us," he said. 

An EMP attack would knock out electricity, running water, the internet and banking systems. It's estimated that the average family only has three days worth of food in the house. 

"Congress determined that 90 percent of Americans would be dead within 12 months," said Heavin, adding that he believes there is a "great awakening" taking place in the country right now.

He said Americans have become fed up with the "criminal elite" in Washington and view Donald Trump as "someone who just might have the nerve to take our country back."

See the trailer below. The film opens nationwide in select theaters on Friday. 

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