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A new report reveals that illegal immigrant households receive an average of $5,692 in federal welfare benefits every year, far more than the average "native" American household, at $4,431.

The Center for Immigration Studies also found that all immigrant-headed households - legal and illegal - receive an average of $6,241 in welfare, 41 percent more than native households.

The total cost is over $103 billion in welfare benefits to households headed by immigrants.

In a Facebook post, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said, "There is something clearly wrong with the system."

Trump wrote in the post that continuing along this track will not "Make America Great Again."

He concluded by stating that when he's elected president, he will fix the problem, while "crooked Hillary" would not.

Here are the key findings of the Center of Immigration Studies' report:

- The average household headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) costs taxpayers $6,234 in federal welfare benefits, which is 41 percent higher than the $4,431 received by the average native household.

- The average immigrant household consumes 33 percent more cash welfare, 57 percent more food assistance, and 44 percent more Medicaid dollars than the average native household. Housing costs are about the same for both groups.

- At $8,251, households headed by immigrants from Central America and Mexico have the highest welfare costs of any sending region — 86 percent higher than the costs of native households.

- Illegal immigrant households cost an average of $5,692 (driven largely by the presence of U.S.-born children), while legal immigrant households cost $6,378.

- The greater consumption of welfare dollars by immigrants can be explained in large part by their lower level of education and larger number of children compared to natives. Over 24 percent of immigrant households are headed by a high school dropout, compared to just 8 percent of native households. In addition, 13 percent of immigrant households have three or more children, vs. just 6 percent of native households.

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