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Donald Trump wondered on Fox and Friends this morning whether the Democratic Party process is "rigged" in favor of Hillary Clinton. 

Bernie Sanders scored yet another primary victory last night, this time defeating Clinton by 15 points in West Virginia. 

The state was won by Clinton eight years ago by a whopping 41 points over then-Sen. Barack Obama. 

Though Sanders has now won 19 states, compared to 23 for Clinton, he trails big with superdelegates who can support whichever candidate they prefer.

Trump said "everything really about Hillary is rigged," adding that it appears Clinton will be able to stay in the race despite her email scandal. 

"Maybe that's rigged. Who knows what's going on? The Democrats seem to control it. It's a horrible thing," he said. 

Trump then added that "crazy Bernie" just keeps beating Clinton in state after state while pundits declare that he cannot possibly win.  

"I haven't started on him. ... Maybe I'm gonna have to start. I just see he wins, wins, wins and everyone sits around the table saying he can't win." 

Watch the interview above and hear more from the presumptive GOP nominee tonight at 7:00 ET on On the Record.

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