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Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters slammed President Obama for getting set to leave for another "apology tour" while ISIS continues its brutality in Iraq. 

At least 66 people were killed today in a string of bombings in Baghdad one day after the White House announced that Obama will visit Hiroshima, Japan during a previously-scheduled trip. 

He will be the first sitting U.S. president to visit the city where the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Aug. 6, 1945. 

Peters criticized the president for going on what will be another "apology tour" rather than focusing on "America's present-day enemies."

"The result of President Obama's false humanitarianism is the slaughter you saw in Baghdad today," said Peters.

He added that ISIS's greatest advantage is their "strength of will" and their determination to keep fighting. 

Peters said the U.S. will never defeat ISIS unless the president shows the same level of resolve.

"The number of troops are important be even more important is resolve. Putin doesn't have large numbers of troops in Syria, but he has the resolve to do what has to be done," said Peters, adding that U.S. troops are hampered by "ridiculous" rules of engagement and the White House's aversion to any collateral damage.

Watch Peters' take above and the report from Fox News correspondent Conor Powell below.

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