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London’s first-ever Muslim mayor has some strong opinions about the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

Sadiq Khan, who won office last week, has publicly criticized Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban, drawing response from the candidate that he could be an "exception" to the proposed rule.

Khan slammed that offer in a CNN interview Wednesday, saying “my message to Donald Trump and his team is that your views of Islam are ignorant.”

“It is possible to be a Muslim and to live in the West. It is possible to be a Muslim and to love America,” he added.

“I’ll travel to America, but I’m hoping that he’s not the guy that wins.”

Trump, for his part, responded on “Kilmeade and Friends,” saying “there’s radical Islamic terrorism all over the world right now.”

“I assume he’s denying that, I assume he’s like our president that’s denying it’s taking place,” he added. “If they want to deny it, they can deny it. I don’t choose to deny it.”

Reacting on The Five, Dana Perino pointed out that the mayor and president would likely have little to no interaction on policy anyway, so the whole exchange is “kind of unnecessary and unfortunate.” 

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