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Here's What Judge Nap Believes Is the 'Secret to Trump's Success'

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in this morning on the latest developments surrounding the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's emails. 

Stuart Varney said that the media narrative seems to be that Clinton did not demonstrate any "malicious intent" by using a private email server as secretary of state. 

The judge answered that, unlike the vast majority of other cases, the federal government would not have to prove intent in the case of Mrs. Clinton's emails. 

He pointed to one specific email which he said appears to show that she violated espionage laws. 

There is one email in which Mrs. Clinton says to one of her underlings: "I want that document that says 'secret' on it. White-out the word 'secret' and fax it to me from your home fax to my home fax." That is an intention to remove a state secret from a secure location to a non-secure location. What is that called? Espionage.

Napolitano also reacted to new reports that a Wall Street whistleblower is set to release damning information about the Clinton Foundation, alleging large-scale fraud.

Watch the full segment above.

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