Rosen: State Dept Removed My Iran Questions from Briefing Video

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The State Department says a "glitch" caused a chunk of video from a 2013 press conference to go missing that featured Fox News correspondent James Rosen grilling a spokesperson over the department's deception in the Iran nuclear negotiations.

The video segment that mysteriously disappeared features then-spokesperson Jen Psaki suggesting that the media needed to be manipulated at times so the administration could accomplish its goals.

Rosen expressed skepticism about the "glitch" excuse today on The Five

"It's just stunning to me that they think they could get away with this deletion," he said.

Rosen also said that former spokesperson Victoria Nuland strayed into the "forbidden zone" during a 2012 briefing when she denied there had been secret government-to-government talks between the U.S. and Iran. 

"You're not allowed to outright deceive outright from that podium," he said.

Rosen also noted there are other lies about the substance of the Iran deal, not just about the nature of the proceedings.

Watch the segment above.

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