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Eric Trump said on The Kelly File tonight that his father's campaign can be successful with or without the endorsement of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Ahead of the big meeting in D.C. between Donald Trump and Ryan, Eric Trump was asked about a report claiming his father "badly needs" Ryan's backing.

Trump did not agree, pointing out that his father has amassed more votes than any previous Republican primary candidate. 

"If he doesn't have [Ryan's support], will life go on? Absolutely," he said, adding that all Republicans should band together to prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Trump's son also commented on his upbringing, saying that there were "no free handouts" in his family.

"I have great parents," Trump said. "They were parents that made us work. There were no free handouts."

He said that his father took him and his brother to construction sites at a very young age, letting the boys break down walls with a sledgehammer or run electrical wiring.

"He wanted to teach us the trades of what we do every day, which is build great buildings and build great projects. And again, if we wanted a bike, we went and bought that bike. If we wanted a fishing rod, we went and bought that fishing rod."

One thing Trump says his father did "spoil" his children on was education.

"He always believed in going to great schools and getting great grades and really taking education very seriously. But at the same time, he put us to work. There really was no free time."

Watch the interview above.

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