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Donald Trump told On the Record tonight that he would like to "back off" a temporary ban of Muslims into the United State as soon as possible.

The presumptive GOP nominee told Greta Van Susteren that the ban was never meant to last forever.

"Sure, I'd back off on it," he said. "I'd like to back off on it as soon as possible, because frankly, I would like to see something happen. But we have to be vigilant. There is a radical Islamic terrorism problem that our president doesn't even want to talk about."

Trump said that a prospective immigration commission headed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani "could lead to something good."

He also said there would be exceptions to the ban, such as for Muslims serving in the U.S. military.

"You'll have exceptions and ideally you won't have a ban very long. We just have to find out what's happening."

Trump also said that for Syrian refugees he would work to create safe zones in Syria that would be funded by the Gulf states, but wouldn't allow them into the U.S.

Watch the wide-ranging interview above.

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