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When a woman saw a down-on-his-luck man with a sign on the side of the road, she decided to go to some pretty amazing lengths to help him out.

In a Facebook post, Kenyada Waters explained that she was was driving down a road in Anchorage, Alaska, when she saw the man and felt called by God to help.

She introduced herself to the man, whose name is Richard, and learned that he had been laid off several months ago and was on the verge of being evicted from his apartment.

"He was so embarrassed to be standing on the side of the road asking for money, but he had to do what he has to do to get his cell phone cut back on so he could get hired," Waters wrote.

She said that she felt God calling her to help, so she did just that by paying for his cell phone bill!

Waters revealed that she paid for two months of cell phone service, which led to Richard crying at the AT&T store.

Afterwards, she invited Richard out to lunch, and told him to pay the good deed forward when he got back on his feet.

"The point of me sharing this is to show that there is power and purpose in being obedient to God!" Waters wrote in the post.

After all of that, she still wasn't done helping...

She asked her Facebook friends if anyone had a bicycle they didn't want, so it could be given to Richard.

A big-hearted friend rose to the occasion and actually bought him a brand-new bike instead!

And as if the story couldn't get any better, Waters posted an update this week: Richard got a job!

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