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A video from the Young America's Foundation shows a reporter asking George Washington University students if America is exceptional. Incredibly, not one of them says yes.

"I feel like at some points in history we were exceptional. We've kind of taken a little downfall," one student said.

Another said, "In the past couple years of my education, I've learned not to always believe the 'exceptionalist viewpoint' we were taught at a very young age."

On "Varney & Co." today, Meghan McCain said this is just another piece of evidence that many college students simply aren't in touch with reality.

"There's real indoctrination happening on college campuses right now," McCain said. "The idea that you are benefiting from America's great education system ... all the luxuries that we get as Americans, and then to say that America isn't exceptional? Try going to Rwanda or Cuba or someplace and see what American exceptionalism really is."

Stuart Varney pointed to the Second Amendment and property right as two things that make America truly exceptional.

He added, however, that you don't want to take patriotism or national pride so far that it becomes jingoism.

"These kids are just young and dumb," McCain said. "We all grow up."

Watch the "Varney & Co." discussion above, and see the Young America's Foundation video below.

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