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A former college student spoke out on On the Record after being labeled a "shady person of color" (SPOC) for speaking out against "safe spaces" on college campuses.

Hannah Oh wrote an editorial in the Claremont McKenna College (CA) newspaper, leading other students to ridicule her for her stance against "safe spaces."

A group called "CMCers of Color" led protests last fall, demanding a "resource center" that would serve as a permanent "safe space."

Oh said that the group wanted a sound system and kitchen items in their resource center and planned to post a board featuring so-called "SPOCs."

Oh said the idea of a safe space is "antithetical" to what college is supposed to be, arguing that no one should be "protected" from ideas they don't agree with.

She said liberal students frame the safe spaces as a place "where they can talk about, sort of, their identities or culture in a place that's safe where they won't be condemned or made fun of." 

Oh said that sounds OK at first, but in practice, the locations end up being "limited to students of color."

"White students have been told explicitly that they cannot enter the space, so it's basically segregation at this point. And it's a way for them to talk about things like white privilege, the patriarchy and all things on the left that really demonize people on the right." 

Watch the interview above.

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