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Two diners at a Virginia restaurant got quite the surprise when the bill arrived. 

The two men, who did not reveal their names, noticed that their server at Peter Chang's Arlington had typed in lewd comments about them on the bill.

The server then forgot to remove the apparent inside jokes from the bill before she brought it to the table.

The insults appeared in notations below the $114 list of orders.

One man was labeled a "plad [sic] asshole" for his choice of attire. Below that, the server wrote "I have a small penis." 

One of the diners told the Washington Post that things turned "awkward" when one of them questioned the server about the presentation of a bowl of rice. 

After they pointed out the insults to the manager, he said they were given a $20 gift card and an underwhelming apology.

The manager told the paper that he was weighing whether anyone should be fired, but had removed the offending employees from working prime weekend shifts.

Watch a local report above.

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