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Many people across the country are concerned after seeing the story of Texas parents who believe their toddler's light-up shoes sparked a fire.

According to KHOU, Attila and Jovan Virag noticed an unusual haze inside the SUV Saturday morning.

When they opened the door, they smelled burning plastic and saw a hole that burned a hole through the backseat and floor.

They called the the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office to see what could have caused the fire, since there wasn't anything in the vehicle except shoes and clothes.

After finding their two-and-a-half-year-old son Warren's light-up shoes charred, officials said that they could be a possible cause.

The family said that investigators came by the house again Monday to take more photos of the sizzled shoes.

Now, the Virags are speaking out and warning parents about the potential hazards of children's light-up shoes.

They revealed that this particular pair was "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" shoes, purchased at Payless.

"I'm just glad that my son wasn't wearing them at the time," Jovan said. "I don't know if he could have told me his foot was hot, and I don't think he could have taken it off by himself."

Payless released a statement, saying, "First and foremost, safety is always a top priority at Payless, and we take the claim made by the customer seriously. We have contacted the family, and we will work with them and local authorities to better understand the circumstances of the car fire and what may have caused it."

Watch the local report above.

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