What has fueled Donald Trump's rise from longshot presidential candidate to presumptive GOP nominee?

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on that this morning, highlighting two trending news stories.

First, he noted the allegations that Facebook workers suppressed conservative news stories from its "Trending" section.

Meantime, a longtime Harvard law professor said it's time to start treating evangelical Christians like Nazis. 

The judge agreed with Stuart Varney that both stories are indicative of the overall move to the left by the nation's elites.

Napolitano said that Donald Trump realized better than anyone else that millions of Americans are rejecting political correctness and the policies of the left.

"He has put his finger right on the pulse of that and he has rubbed it raw and he has found a positive response from tens of millions of Americans," he argued.

Napolitano added that the "secret to Trump's success" has been realizing that businesses and the government are "out of touch" and that Americans are fed up. 

Watch his analysis above.

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