Fox News exit polling has revealed that almost half of people voting for Bernie Sanders today in West Virginia's Democratic primary say they'd switch sides to vote for GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump in November.

Martha MacCallum said today on The Five that it could likely be attributed to "the dissatisfaction of the white male voter."

One in three Democrats voting say they would vote for Trump over Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton if that's the head to head race in November. Another one in five say they would stay home.

Clinton’s remarks in March about “putting a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” hurt her chances of winning the coal-mining state. The former secretary of state apologized in person for the comment, which she said was taken out of context, but skipped campaigning in West Virginia.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of enthusiasm for Trump among Republicans in Nebraska and West Virginia.

In West Virginia, 81 percent of Republicans say they're excited or optimistic about the prospect of Trump getting elected president. 62 percent of Nebraskans feels that way.

They're also optimistic about Trump's prospects against Clinton, with as much as 90 percent of Republicans saying it's likely Trump will win.

Watch Martha break down the numbers above.