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Donald Trump said that the best way to preserve the sanctity of life is to make sure the Supreme Court is seated with pro-life justices, and by extension, electing him as president.

"I've become pro-life," Trump said tonight on The O'Reilly Factor. "I was, in a meek fashion, pro-choice, but I've become pro-life. And the reason is I've seen...numerous situations that have made me go that way. I will protect it, and the biggest way you can protect is through the Supreme Court."

He added: "Actually, the biggest way you can protect it, I guess, is by electing me president."

Bill O'Reilly asked if that meant that he would appoint a justice who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

"Well, they'll be pro-life," Trump responded. "And we'll see about overturning, but I will appoint judges that will be pro-life."

Trump also weighed in on his upcoming meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan, raising campaign funds, his Twitter feud with Sen. Elizabeth Warren and his tax plan.

Watch the wide-ranging interview above.

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