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West Virginia state Senate candidate and Army veteran Richard Ojeda was brutally beaten during a campaign event Sunday, just two days before his primary.

Ojeda, a Democrat, was attending a fundraising cookout at a friend's house when Jonathan Porter, 41, lured him away to place bumper stickers on his truck.

Ojeda was reportedly bent down applying a bumper sticker when Porter kicked him and struck him with brass knuckles multiple times.

Porter then reportedly tried to run over Ojeda with his car, but others stopped him. Porter rammed several nearby vehicles to escape and sped off.

Porter later turned himself in to authorities after hiding in the woods for several hours. He is charged with felony destruction of property, malicious assault and attempt to commit a felony.

Ojeda, who suffered several facial fractures, lacerations, a concussion and other injuries, believes the attack was politically motivated.

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