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As the White House backpedals from a damaging interview regarding how it sold the public on Iran's nuclear deal, Charles Krauthammer slammed the Obama Administration for lying about the deal.

Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told The New York Times magazine that officials capitalized on the ignorance of reporters, who were typically about 27 years old and "literally know nothing."

Krauthammer said that when Secretary of State John Kerry and other officials pushed the deal on the public, "they were spinning beyond spinning -- they were lying."

He pointed to provisions within the deal on ballistic missiles and accountability about Iran's past military activity which he said never materialized.

"There was lying point by point, all the way through. That's not spin, that's lying."

Krauthammer added that the Obama Administration told the "American people stuff about what was in there that wasn't true, and the 27-year-olds never looked into it."

Watch the commentary above.

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