Are you doing some spring cleaning? 

Well, you may have some "cash" lying around your house and not even realize it. 

Things like clothes, outdated cell phones, unwanted jewelry, books you read long ago and DVDs can make you some money. 

On Fox and Friends, consumer expert Andrea Woroch identified some websites that can help you out with the following items that surely you have around the house.

1. Clothes that are still in good condition 

The average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing a year, Woroch said. For instance, you bought a bridesmaids dress and will never wear it again.

Woroch listed Bridesmaid Trade and Once Wed, but said eBay can also work great in this situation.

If you have excess baby clothes, Thred Up will pay you online after they determine what the items are worth. Shipping is free and they send you a bag to use.

2. Electronics you no longer use

Do you have an old cell phone or tablet laying around? Woroch said she found that NextWorth will pay $55 for a used iPhone 5.

BuyMyTronics will give you cash for old CD players or a laptop. She said some retailers like Best Buy or Target may give you store credit.

Old DVDs or video games can also net you some cash on these sites.

3. Jewelry

Do you have an old piece of jewelry from a broken relationship? Ex Boyfriend Jewelry could help you with that.

4. Books you read long ago (or never bothered to crack open)

Woroch said Cash for Books will pay anywhere from 60 cents to $120 depending on the book's condition and popularity. Former students can go to Valore Books to sell used textbooks.

Watch Woroch's complete advice above.