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A recent, revealing New York Times Magazine piece profiled the way a failed novelist-turned-White House advisor shaped a narrative to sell the media, and, in turn, the public on the Iran nuclear deal.

“We created an echo chamber,” Ben Rhodes told the Times, about propping up so-called foreign policy experts who would go on to become sources for unknowledgeable reporters to parrot to the public. "They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.”

According to the story, Rhodes also pushed a narrative that negotiations began when Iran elected so-called "moderates" like President Hassan Rouhani, when in reality, the most meaningful chunk of negotiations happened before they came to power.

Greg Gutfeld said in tonight's monologue on The Five that Rhodes' comments are further proof that "Obama flacks put his legacy before security."

"They claimed that these adversaries were peaceful moderates to mask Iran's nuclear plans, while allowing for America to shaft allies like Israel."

Gutfeld said that had Obama been a Republican, the media would be in a Watergate-style investigative frenzy.

"Pulitzers would be won and impeachment would be in high gear."

But instead, Gutfeld said, "this caper is cast as a victory," by Rhodes and an admiring media.

"Like parents watching their son from the stands in little league, he's their little guy, swinging at junk," Gutfeld said.

"He's simply the bomb, even as Iran gets one."

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