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As British Year 6 students prepared to take a stressful nation-wide exam this week, one teacher is winning praise for a weekend "homework assignment" she gave her 10- and 11-year-old students.

"We are now in the last days before SATs and it is vital that you use your time this weekend wisely," Mrs. Thom wrote on the assignment.

She then instructed her students to complete as many activities from the list as possible, which included bike riding, reading a book, spending "time with people you love," and laughing "until your tummy hurts."

The assignment was a hit with parents, amid growing opposition against UK's standardized testing practices.

One commenter shared a similar school letter which she said helped put a positive spin on the tests. It told Year 6 students:

"We are all proud of every one of you. Whatever score these tests give you, know that you have worked hard to get it and that you have done everybody proud. We are only sorry that there aren't tests to score your humour, your personalities, your kindness, your positive attitude and your resilience. We don't need a test to tell us how amazing you are, nor will this test determine how successful you are in the future. ... Show them what you are made of!"

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