Trump: Hillary's Married to 'the Worst Abuser of Women in the History of Politics'

Judge Jeanine: 'Two Documented Liars' Could Start Running the Country, Hillary and Elizabeth

Donald Trump will not “allow Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren to hide behind their sex,” says his campaign strategist, Paul Manafort.

Manafort was explaining the GOP front-runner’s remarks out on the campaign trail yesterday, when he called out President Bill Clinton for his past sex scandals and claimed that Hillary “would go after these women and destroy their lives.”

“Donald Trump has made it very clear he is not going to allow hypocrisy on the woman’s issue. He is not going to let Hillary make the case that he is against women and she is this defender of woman’s rights,” Manafort said on Fox News Sunday.

“He is not anti-women, he’s very pro-women. He’s proven it in his business life, and proven it more so than her, because he’s proven it with actions, not words.”

But how exactly did Hillary Clinton “destroy” women’s lives? Chris Wallace asked.

“I’ll let him speak to it,” Manafort answered.

“The point is, the history is clear, she’s been an enabler in the past.”

Manafort also gave his take on Paul Ryan's statement that he was "not ready" to support Trump for the Republican nomination. Watch more of the broad-ranging interview, above.

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