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North Carolina on Monday faces a crucial deadline to stop enforcement of its new transgender bathroom law, which the Justice Department has condemned as a violation of the Civil Rights Act.

Authorities are now threatening to cut off billions in federal funding for the state, which Gov. Pat McCrory bills as the “federal government being a bully.”

Speaking out in a Fox News Sunday exclusive, McCrory explained today that he’d asked for an extension on the decision, which was declined.

The Republican governor says he now plans to make a decision within the next 24 hours.

But he maintains that “we did not start this on the right,” adding that the issue was created by “the left-wing of the Democratic Party.”

“This is a basic change of norms that we’ve used for decades throughout the United States of America, and the Obama administration is trying to now change that norm,” said McCrory.

The governor said authorities have even publicly suggested they could “take away North Carolina’s money for roads and other transportation needs.”

“If it is challenged, I’m not going to risk any money for the state of North Carolina,” he told Chris Wallace.

But he slammed companies like PayPal for cancelling plans to build facilities that would have created hundreds of jobs, saying it reeked of “selective hypocrisy and selective outrage.”

“This is the same PayPal company that did business with Sudan, did business with Iran, does business with Saudi Arabia, and they’re lecturing North Carolina because the majority of North Carolinians, I believe, think a man who’s a man ought to use the restroom that is on the door, and same thing applies to women,” said McCrory.

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