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Donald Trump has said he can win the White House without uniting the GOP, and at least one former presidential candidate agrees.

This morning on Fox and Friends Weekend, Mike Huckabee offered his take on the bitter divide and why “Donald Trump has shocked the Republican elites.”

“The bottom line: the people in Washington still don’t get it,” said the former Arkansas governor.

“People are mad at them. It’s about them, and it’s not good. And instead of recognizing that, apologizing, and changing their directions, they just stick their nose higher in the air and act like those poor, dumb idiots out there in America have no reason to be upset. Well, they do have a reason to be upset.”

Huckabee also sounded off on the developing head-to-head matchup between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“Anyone who thinks this is a movie titled ‘A Love Story’ has got it wrong,” he said.

“If it’s going to be called one, it will be ‘There Will Be Blood.’ And there will be. This is going to be a rough-and-tumble election, a cage match, not a game of checkers.”

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