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Distressing dashcam footage has captured a driver falling asleep at the wheel and veering off the side of a road.

The nail-biting video, taken at around 4:45 a.m. on an Australian highway one morning, shows the driver meandering across three different lanes before crashing into a tree.

Thankfully, no one else appeared to be on the road when the driver drifted off.

The clip also shows the airbag deploying, saving the driver from severe injuries, according to reports.

Many viewers commented on the irony of the song playing as the driver nodded off: Chris Brown’s “Don’t Wake Me Up.”

The unidentified motorist sent the video to the Facebook page Dash Cam Owners Australia “as a warning to not drive while fatigued,” stated the online post.

He also later shared a photo of the ugly aftermath, which can be viewed here.

The video has now picked up some 215,000 views, with some expressing sympathy for the person behind the wheel and others calling for increased penalties on fatigued drivers.

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