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After six months of deployment in southwest Asia, a military dad showed up at school to give his kids a day they’d never forget.

Adorable footage shown on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning captured Airman John Grieten first approaching his son, 15-year-old Joshua, who has Down syndrome.

“Can I sit here?” he asked.

“Dad?” Joshua said in disbelief. “Dad!”

He leapt into his father’s arms for an emotional bear hug.

“Everybody, this is my dad!” Joshua announced proudly, as the room burst into cheers.

The heartwarming reunion didn’t end there. Grieten then snuck into the lunchroom of his 11-year-old daughter Jessica’s school, walking up to her as she chatted with a friend.

“Hey, is this seat open?” he asked casually.

“Daddy!” she cried.

Watch the sweet surprise now making headlines, above.

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