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Hillary Clinton may have just handed her Republican rival “a Trump card” in trying to walk balk her comments threatening coal miners’ jobs, Eric Bolling said in his Cashin’ In commentary on Saturday.

The Cost of Freedom co-host called out Clinton for backtracking this week when confronted by a former West Virginia coal miner for declaring she would “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

“Hillary seems to take a sick pride in destroying the coal lives of the coal miners, as well as coal companies. That’s a liberal politician for you – pander to an audience who hate fossil fuels, then when voters call you out, you claim you’re being taken out of context,” said Bolling.

“No, Mrs. Clinton, you weren’t taken out of context. You’re reading right from the liberal script.”

Bolling cited President Obama’s 2008 remarks on bankrupting businesses as an example, saying he was then also “reading from the same liberal ‘bash-the-coal-industry’ script.”

“Hillary Clinton is just the continuation of the Obama left-wing plan of setting fire to the free market, in favor of big government.

But the free market is the engine of American growth and prosperity, and not big government.

Our free market is the very reason America dominates world economies.

It needs to be protected and nourished, not attacked mercilessly into liberal submission.”

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