Elizabeth Warren Goes Off on Trump in Angry Twitter Rant

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The feud between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren is reaching bitter new heights, as the Republican front-runner last night unveiled a new nickname for the Massachusetts Democratic senator.

After Trump's victory in the Indiana primary propelled him to the title of GOP “presumptive nominee,” Warren took to Twitter to slam his “narcissism and divisiveness.” 

She vowed to combat his “campaign on racism, sexism and xenophobia” before it could reach the White House.

On Friday, Trump responded at a rally in Eugene, Oregon, calling the senator “goofy Elizabeth Warren.”

“This is a woman who has not done anything in the United States Senate. Her whole career is a fraud,” he told supporters.

Trump went on to say that he hopes Warren is Hillary Clinton’s running mate, as he believes she would be easy to beat.

Here’s what Warren had to say in response.

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