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A service dog who accompanies a boy with muscular dystrophy to class every day got her very own spot in a Louisiana middle school's yearbook.

For the past four years, a golden doodle named Presley has been 14-year-old Joseph "Seph" Ware's loyal assistant, helping with tasks like picking up objects, opening drawers and hitting light switches.

Seph has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic condition causing the weakening of muscles over time, and at a faster rate than other forms of muscular dystrophy.

When picture day rolled around at Good Hope Middle School, administrators asked Seph's permission to take Presley's photo for the yearbook.

"Seph says that it took about 10 minutes to get Presley to look at the camera - and who knows how many shots," his mother Lori Ware said.

But the effort was worth it. A snap of the yearbook page has been a hit since it began circulating online. In the picture, Presley can be seen dutifully holding her leash in her mouth.

Lori said she appreciates the kind gesture from the school.

"We have had issues with his elementary school accepting Presley, so to come to Good Hope and her to be welcomed has been very refreshing," Lori said. "The kids adore her and she loves the attention."

Check out some more photos from Seph and Presley's early days together, courtesy of Milk-Bone's Facebook page.

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