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Voters in London today elected Sadiq Khan as their mayor, making him the first Muslim mayor of a major Western city.

Khan, 45, is the son of a bus driver from Pakistan who went on to become a human rights lawyer.

But Dr. Sebastian Gorka said on Fox Business today that the Labour Party politician's track record is problematic on matters of security, immigration and integration.

"He's been on public platforms with really nasty radical clerics and he's defended them," Gorka told The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan.

Khan recently had to apologize when it was revealed that he once referred to moderate Muslims as "Uncle Toms."

As a lawyer, he also defended Zacarias Moussaoui, a 9/11 terrorist who confessed to being a member of Al Qaeda, as well as Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who'd been banned from entering the country.

Gorka also highlighted an open letter Khan wrote to The Guardian blaming the deadly 7/7 terrorist bombings on British government policy.

"He's an apologist for the bad guys," Gorka said. "Not good, Trish, not good."

Gorka said that he wouldn't have voted for him if he were still a UK citizen.

"I think it tells you how divided this society has become and how they failed -- how the politicians have failed -- when it comes to the question of immigration, integration and what does it mean to be British. This man indicates that they've lost their identity as a nation."

Watch the interview above.

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