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Report: Dick Cheney Says He'll Support Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's not ready to back presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, and some Trump supporters aren't happy about it.

Greg Gutfeld said in tonight's monologue on The Five, "It's nice to see the same people who were cheering disruption just weeks ago, now demanding unity."

But he said those people shouldn't worry; Ryan and the Donald will meet next week to hatch out their differences, "and 10 to 1, they'll end up eating taco salads at Trump Tower."

"And then all of our noted principled conservatives can relax as another falls in line."

Gutfeld also took a shot at President Obama for saying during a press conference today that the presidential race is "not a reality show."

This is the same president, Gutfeld reminded, who once ate raw salmon with Bear Grylls on NBC's Running Wild.

"So what's this about a reality show?"

Watch the monologue and discussion above.

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