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Authorities have released dramatic body camera video of the shooting of a Tennessee police officer, which sparked a major manhunt last fall.

Algood Police Officer Ashcari Valencia pulled over Floyd Ray Cook on October 24.

Valencia's body cam shows him approach Cook's black pickup truck and ask him several questions.

Valencia notices Cook's vehicle is in reverse, and he asks why.

Cook suddenly pulls out a handgun and fires at least 10 shots at Valencia.

Valencia quickly flees while alerting other officers over his radio.

"Shots fired, shots fired! Officer down, officer down!" he says to radio dispatchers.

Valencia was hit one time in the chest. Fortunately, he was wearing a bulletproof vest, which almost certainly saved his life and allowed him to escape with minor injuries.

Cook fled to Kentucky and led law enforcement on a multiple-day manhunt. He was eventually killed in a shootout with officers a week later.

Valencia has since left the Algood Police Department, and transferred to work at Tennessee Tech University.

Watch the harrowing body cam footage above.

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