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Do you ever wonder how many days you have left to live? 

Well if you do, there's now a "clock" that can help you keep track of that. 

The L.A.-based firm Seize the Day Technology calls it a "28" clock because the average person lives for 28,000 days, or 76 years and 260 days. 

The makers say it's meant to be carried around as a reminder to live one's life to the fullest.

Their pitch:

You'll be dead soon, but this clock is here to remind you to make the most of each day. For the truth is, you can do and be anything you want. One day at a time.

The clock that counts down your days, so you can be everything you dream.

A 25-year-old would have about 19,000 days left, while a 45-year-old would have about 12,000 to go. 

The black wooden LED clock does not tell time, it just displays the number based on your age and has a battery backup.

The company is trying to raise money via a crowd-funding site in order to mass-produce the $49 clock. 

Would you use this product?

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