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Filmmaker Rob Reiner made headlines today by arguing that the rise of Donald Trump stems from racism in America and that the media has given him a pass.

Reiner accused the media of going easy on Trump, saying that the billionaire businessman is only taken seriously as a political candidate because he is a celebrity.

"The words that have been flung out from his mouth are insane!" Reiner said on MSNBC. "If he was not a celebrity - if Donald Trump was not a celebrity … you'd see a guy in a park, a lunatic in a park on a soapbox, and you’d walk right by him."

The former "All in the Family" star said Trump needs to be pinned down and asked to answer specifics on his policies, such as the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants, which would all but ensure he loses the 2016 election.

Reiner was asked how he explains the incredible success of the Trump campaign and the millions of people who support him.

"There are a lot of people who are racist," Reiner said. "There's racism in this country that has been submerged for a long, long time ... He's unearthed a lot of it."

He said that not all Trump supporters are racist, but some are, and the presumptive Republican nominee refuses to disavow them.

Watch the "Morning Joe" interview above.

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