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This must have been quite a scene... 

In Washington state, a man crashed his car and then ran away from police with a monkey on his back. 

Burien, Wash., police shared the unique arrest photo on Facebook. 

They say the man was spotted by police driving 112 mph and attempted to evade them by exiting the highway.

He lost control of the vehicle and crashed, then made a brief run for it with the monkey.

Upon calling 911, witnesses told dispatchers that a man had fled the crash scene with a monkey on his back. 

"That was the call we got,” said Burien police Capt. Bryan Howard. “You can’t make this stuff up."

It wasn't long before police caught up with the man. 

The police department explained what happened to the terrified primate, later identified as a marmoset.

"We released him to a family member since he was only engaged in monkey business," they wrote, explaining that the monkey would not let go of the 31-year-old man.

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