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Starbucks is facing a $5 million class-action lawsuit from a woman in Chicago who claims their drinks contain too much ice.

The woman who brought the claim says the coffee company advertises drinks at 24 ounces when it's really 14.

Starbucks said the legal action is "absurd," advising unhappy customers to simply ask their barista for the cold drink to be remade.

Tonight on The Five, Greg Gutfeld bemoaned the modern trend of impulsively resolving disputes in the courtroom instead of with face-to-face dialogue.

"We live in a time where the problem-solver is vanishing. In the old days, you'd just ask for less ice. And they'd give it to you. And you'd go on your merry, highly-caffeinated way."

But now, Gutfeld says, we've created a "grievance machine based on demand for restitution, and it's sealed off from human reason."

"I remember a time when we settled things without a lawyer. But in 2016, that's a tall order. Sorry -- grande, no ice."

Watch the monologue above.

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