Bush 41, 43 Won't Endorse Trump, Romney Won't Attend GOP Convention

Judge Nap: Proof of Hacking Would Make It 'Nearly Impossible' Not to Charge Hillary

Donald Trump commented on the report that Hillary Clinton's emails may have been breached by a Romanian hacker, saying that he thinks the charge is "very serious" if it's true.

"But it's not a question of (the hacker), it's what she did and why did she do it?" Trump said in an interview on Special Report. "Bernie Sanders said she's not qualified to be president, and then he said one of the reasons she's not qualified is she has bad judgment. She's got bad judgment. Who would do this with emails? That is a very serious problem."

He said that Sanders made a big mistake when he chose not to pursue the issue in his campaign.

Trump also responded to Sen. Ben Sasse's call for a third-party candidate to jump into the presidential race. 

“Yeah, he’s a real genius," Trump said. "Let’s say you get somebody to run. That means the Republican can’t win. Now you have 4-5 Supreme Court justices that will be picked by Hillary Clinton.”

The interview also touched on Trump's VP pick, campaign funding, foreign policy, rocky relationship with the Bush family and how he'd like to work with Congress. Watch it in full above.

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