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Who might Donald Trump select as his running mate? 

Bret Baier asked the presumptive GOP nominee about some potential selections in a Special Report interview that will air tonight at 6:00 ET

A recent report named South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez as being under consideration. 

Trump disputed that Haley was ever under consideration and was then asked whether Florida Sen. Marco Rubio could be considered despite the personal attacks earlier in the campaign. 

"Marco's a good guy, a really nice guy, and I like him. But not necessarily with respect to any position, but it could happen," said Trump. 

He said he has had "really nice conversations" with Rubio recently, but "not necessarily" about the VP slot.

Watch the exchange above and tune in tonight on Fox News for the full interview at 6:00pm ET

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