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The Clintons are "scared" of Donald Trump and would prefer not to run against him in the general election, Pete Hegseth argued today on Outnumbered.

Hegseth said that Bill and HiIlary Clinton win elections by playing "dirty" and using personal attacks, but that Trump is "ready for it" and will go right back at them. 

"You know why the Clintons are scared of Trump? Because they know he will fight back harder than anybody else," said Hegseth, adding that this is going to be a "populist persona" election, not a policy-based race.

Fox News contributor and Clinton supporter Leslie Marshall pushed back, saying Trump will lose to Clinton because of the outrageous statements he has made. 

"Let's just take the [border] wall for instance. Politics aside, pure numbers: we don't have the money on this side of the wall to pay for it, to build it, to man it. Mexico is not gonna pay for it," she said. 

Marshall argued that Trump could suffer once voters start to examine some of his statements more closely. 

For instance, she said Trump rails against China but has profited off the U.S.-China trade policies in the past. 

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