Trump: 'If Hillary Wants to Go the Low Road, I'm Fine With That'

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During an interview on The O'Reilly Factor tonight, Donald Trump was asked if he had a message for Mexican President Vicente Fox, who was scheduled to be on the show later in the evening.

His reply: "Yeah, get your money ready 'cause you're going to pay for the wall."

The presumptive GOP nominee said he wasn't backing down from his position that Mexico should pay for a border wall.

"Look, we lose a fortune with Mexico. Trade deficit: $58 billion a year. The wall's gonna cost 10. Believe me, they'll be able to afford it and we're going to end up having a very good relationship with Mexico. But right now, sadly, like everybody else, they're taking advantage of our country on trade and at the border. So, we'll get it straightened out."

O'Reilly also grilled Trump over how he'd respond to Russia's provocative air maneuvers, plus paid the candidate a compliment about his family.

Watch part two of the wide-ranging interview above. You can find part one here.

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