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The chairman of the Republican National Committee says that now that Donald Trump will be the presumptive nominee, the Republican Party will have "time to heal."

"Look, we had a contentious primary," Reince Priebus told On the Record. "It was 17 candidates. Feelings are still very raw. So, I'm not pretending that this isn't going to take a while."

He said that he and Trump have spoken many times since the candidate made slamming a "rigged" Republican primary system a talking point of his campaign.

"A candidate can't win without the RNC," Priebus said. "The fact of the matter is, a functional, operational national Party that has its act together on the ground is absolutely necessary. So without us, he can't win."

"He's going to join the Republican Party and we're going to be prepared when that happens," he added.

Watch the interview above.

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