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Is this a case of "fowl" play?

A young Houston girl got the fright of her life when she was attacked by a goose.

Potentially more traumatic? Pictures of the attack have gone viral, and social media users just can't stop laughing.

17-year-old Stevie Gidden posted the photos of her five-year-old sister Summer's run-in with the goose, which occurred Sunday.

Stevie told BuzzFeed that the siblings apparently got too close some baby geese, and their mother went totally berserk.

Unfortunately for little Summer, she was the smallest and slowest to flee, and she alone felt the full wrath of the mother goose.

During the attack, one of their neighbors snapped the photos while another got Summer out of harm’s way.

Stevie said that Summer is fine, and she's actually delighted at her sudden Internet celebrity.

The reaction on Twitter was mostly (guilty) laughter:

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